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High Voltage Products, Personal Safety, Test Equipment

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  • H230HD

    H230HD High Voltage Detector

    The H230HD detector detects a high and extra high voltage in AC lines.An elongated insulation rod permits checking of high tension circuits at safe distance for voltage. The detectors are telescopic, compact, light-weight, easy to use and handy
  • AL-24-1 with Caps

    AL-24 Series Test Leads (Patented Design)

    The AL-24 Series right angle to straight terminal test leads have patented strain relief which makes them rugged and highly durable. CATIII 1000V rated at 10A, UL 1803/18AWG Wire. Choose -1, -3, or -5 for different probe tip options. Comes with standard 4mm banana jacks.
  • 2330LX Light Meter

    2330LX Light Meter

    The 2330LX is the ideal tool for verifying lighting conditions in clean rooms, offices, classrooms, videos, and several other applications. Select between lux or fc (foot candle). Data hold and peak hold function let you capture key readings.
  • 2310SL Sound Level Meter

    2310SL Sound Level Meter

    Looking for a means to verify the dB level for a requirement or regulation? The 2310SL sound level meter has three settings that cover 30dB to 130dB. The meter is very easy to use and backed by a two year warrant
  • PT-30 Digital Multimeter (Pen Style)

    PT-30 Digital Multimeter (Pen Style)

    This lightweight, compact, easy to use multimeter is loaded with functions to make testing easy. Troubleshoot AC, DC, Resistance, and Continuity with remote test lead. Easily fits in your shirt pocket, features a LCD backlight and flashlight function for those poorly lit conditions.
  • TEL1-1 ELCB Tester

    TEL1-1 ELCB Tester (110V)

    Do you need to verify electrical wiring connections or test those GFCI outlets to make sure they trip? The TEL1-1 uses a sequence of LEDs to check ground, neutral, or reversed lines. A current is injected through the plug based on setting selected when the test button is pressed. Most household bre...
  • 3800CL AC/DC Clamp Meter

    3800CL AC/DC Clamp Meter

    Auto range for V, A, Ω, and hold feature to grab the reading in those hard to reach places. Low battery indication and built in audible buzzer for continuity testing.
  • 3810CL AC/DC Clamp Meter (True RMS)

    3810CL AC/DC Clamp Meter (True RMS)

    Auto range for V, A, Ω, and hold feature to grab the reading in those hard to reach places. Low battery indication, built in audible buzzer for continuity testing, and flashlight feature where lighting is poor. 
  • ITC8 Insulation Tester / Decade Box

    ITC8 Insulation Tester / Decade Box

    The ITC8 can be used to check calibration of insulation testers and multimeters by provided a known resistance value. Choose from 11 ranges (0.5Ω to 10MΩ).  Accuracy is ±0.05Ω to 2Ω and ±1% Reading from 20Ω-10MΩ. 
  • 4715TMF Digital Insulation & Multifunction Tester

    4175TMF Digital Insulation & Multifunction Tester

    Test insulation resistance and voltages from 50V to 1000V. Operation includes smart hold and stop on the voltmeter function. Leads resistance is compensated with the auto-null key.
  • 890PR Phase Sequence Indicator (Non-Contact)

    890PR Phase Sequence Indicator (Non-Contact)

    Detect open phase and phase sequence with the 890PR on three phase systems up to 1000V. Phase indication is broken down into two simple diagrams with red and green LEDs that represent positive phase or reversed phase.
  • 2660CL AC/DC Clamp Meter

    2660CL AC/DC Clamp Meter

    The 2660CL clamp meter can perform voltage, current, resistor, frequency, and capacitor checks with ease. A bargraph indicator, peak function, continuity check, and min/max features give you a variety of options to handle daily work tasks. This product is backed by a two year warranty and operates a...

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